Syncing two different folders yet same..?

Hey guys

Trying to convert from owncloud as the client is super slow.

Anyways I currently have a server (lets call this “A” running linux) that hosts all my files. The files are under /home/sync.

Now on my work laptop (lets call this “B” running windows) I am currently syncing only /home/sync/work to C:\Users\sashi\Documents\Work

Now… on my main desktop at home (lets call this “C” running windows) I am syncing /home/sync

Right now what it looks like on syncthing WebGUI

I have “A” with two shared folders (/home/sync/ & /home/sync/Work) & two remote devices (laptop & desktop)

With “B” I have (/home/sync/Work with “A” as a remote device). With “C” I have (/home/sync with “A” as a remote device).

Now if I were to work on a file on “B” save it, it will sync to "A" Will the same file sync to “C” as well or… do I have to also add /home/sync/Work as a folder to “C”? I do not want any duplicates

Hope this makes sense! Thanks!

Once the file is synced to A it will then transfer from A to C.

I think you would be better off adding a direct share between B and C though. That way if A goes down, B an C still stay in sync.

Also if you are working from home and want to shuffle files between the desktop and the laptop they will transfer faster.

It is the way ST is intended to be used.

Hmm true however “C” is never always online. “A” is always online

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