Syncing to android is incredibly slow

Hello, I’ve been trying to get syncing to my android device to work, but it is incredibly slow. How can I solve this?

Here’s the comparison between speeds with my phone and another device:

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Looks normal for me. You’re syncing a lot of (small?) files, and this is bound to be slow on Android due to the way filesystem access works there. If you were syncing just a few larger files, it should be much faster then.

Yes, there are 50000 files totalling around 10 GB, but 100 bytes per second seems a bit slow.


Syncing to the steam deck finished after 7 minutes, meanwhile the Android phone still being at 1%

It’s not about the file size, it’s about the sheer number of files. Even if the files were 0 byte in size, it would still take a long time. This is how Android filesystem works, and there’s really no workaround about it :slightly_frowning_face:. Just for the record, this applies to Android 11 and newer specifically.

If you want to see what kind of maximum speed you can reach, please try to sync a single multi-gigabyte file.


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