Syncing through home WiFi only

Hi, I love using Syncthing between my Android phone and Mac.

I have only basic knowledge: I would like to sync only when my phone is connected through my home WiFi connection. What settings do I have to check on my phone app and Syncthing browser?


This would be settable in the Syncthing app on your Android phone.

Menu -> Settings -> Run Conditions -> Run on Wi-Fi
Menu -> Settings -> Run Conditions -> Run on specified Wi-Fi networks (select your home network)

Note that for the latter you do need to enable ‘Location services’ on your phone.

(and then disable any alternative run condition)

Thanks for your quick reply.

I have now set my phones Syncthing settings “Run on specified Wi-Fi networks” to only my home’s W-Fi.

Normally I keep my phones location services disabled (and only enable it for Waze). Is it now OK to keep it disabled?


Good question. As far as I know, which may be wrong, is that without ‘Location Services’ the SSID which you’re connected to cannot be read. So, it cannot be verified which network you’re connected to.

So I think that as soon as you disabled Location Services while setting the ‘Run on specified Wi-Fi networks’, Syncthing will stop running.

Just did a test and found that with Location Services disabled Syncthing is also disabled. It needs to be restarted with Location enabled to run again.

Thanks for your help.

Since I changed settings to run only on my specified Wi-Fi occasionally get the notification that “Syncthing is disabled. Do you want to change the run conditions? Reasons: Current Wi-Fi SSID is not whitelisted”

Is there some setting that I have to change?

here is a screenshot of the Run Conditions…

Please make sure that Location Services are enabled in the Android settings and also that the Syncthing app is allowed to access location all the time. This is required in order for the app to know that the phone is currently connected to Wi-Fi.

Thanks. I got the notification while Location is enabled on my phone.

Is there an actual whitelist setting that I can add my Wi-fi to?

Is it allowed to access location “all the time” or only “while the app is in use”?

I had it set to “only while the app is in use”. Should it be set to “Allow all the time”?


Yes, you definitely should! Otherwise, it will only work reliably when the app is open.

Thank for your help.

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