syncing the same folder on multiple devices - circular shares

I see a few posts on this topic but they don’t go into the detail I am looking for.

I want to sync a common folder between multiple devices but am not sure how to go about it.

  • share C:\data between A and B
  • share C:\data between B and C
  • share C:\data between A and C

My initial reaction is to setup two syncs on each machine, one to the other machine but I’m wondering if that will have undesirable consequences?

I could just do A to B and B to C but then what happens if B is not online cause then files updated on A or C would not get updated between the two.

What’s wrong with one shared folder that is shared between all the devices?

I should have mentioned all 3 machines are laptops that may not be on the network (if they are elsewhere for example).

So if A is sharing a folder with B and C and A is off the wire, then changes made on B or C won’t be synced.

So? They will once they connect again. If there were simultanious edits, they might end up as conflicts. Also, regardless if they are not on the same network, syncthing works over internet too.

I’m disabling internet functionality. I only want syncing to happen on LAN.

The problem is, with the above scenario, if A is off the wire, and I make a change to a file on B, it wont get synced to C until A is back on the wire – however long that might be.

I could fix this by also syncing B to C but that ends up with a circular connection and I don’t know how Syncthing would handle that?

There is no such thing as circular connection. Everyone can be connected to everyone and it still works.

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So if a folder on A is synced to B and C, and the same folder on B and C are synced, there won’t be any issues?


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Awesome. Thanks!

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