Syncing the default folder on two machines

Hi guys,

I just installed SyncThing, read the documentation and wanted to give it a test drive. But while I thought I understood the device setup, I am a bit confused by the actual execution.

I installed and started SyncThing on both machines and it created the default ~/Sync/ folder on each. I copied some stuff into the Sync folder of machine A and let it hash. So far so good.

Then I wanted to connect both machines and have one synced ~/Sync/ folder essentially replicating a Dropbox or BT Sync default setup. So I get the ID of machine A and add it to machine B and it asks me which folder to sync. I check the only available option, which is the default folder.

Now the manual states that both devices need to be aware of each other’s IDs. So I copy the ID of machine B and add it as a new device to machine A, where again it asks me which folder I want to sync. Again there is only one option, the default folder of machine B, which I accept.

Now I have both machines connected, but have two folders in each of the machines. One default folder for each machine. That doesn’t seem correct. It is really the intended behavior to two connected folders for a single sync folder? Or did I misread the documentation and mess something up here?

Folder IDs should match on both sides, not folder labels.

The problem, as I experience it, is that on installation and first startup of SyncThing it created a ~/Sync/ folder on both machine A and machine B and both have their own folder ID (makes sense as both machines do not know about each other at this point).

When I now add each machine to the other I now have two sync folders pointing to the same folder.

I was expecting to have one folder on the left side that just gets synced. But as I read the interface I now have two sync folders syncing the same thing, namely the ~/Sync/ default folder.

I mean it is working and I get the files across, but it is not the behavior I was expecting and it feels “off”.

Or asked the other way round. How do I make sure the Folder ID is the same if I am unable to edit it after it has been created and both ~/Sync folders that get created have different IDs?

You remove the existing one, and readd it with the right ID.

I think I figured it out after making a few more folders. Thanks.

I suggest we change the default folder back to ID “default”, as the most likely scenario for that folder is to be synced between “own devices”, so that all devices have ~/Sync synced. An ID conflict for that folder is unlikely.

Speaking as someone that was completely thrown off by the random ID of the default folder I agree. But I have of course only a few hours of experience in that matter, so I have no idea what the implications of such a change are.

It definitely would help with the on boarding experience though.

Also, I now realize that you can indeed edit the folder ID when you add a folder for the first time. I feel like that point gets easily lost on first use.

It’s a bit of a slippery slope. Tbh there should be a first start guide which walks people through this and explains things.

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