syncing the contents of files

i recently started using syncthing in an attempt to sync the saves between emulators on my pc and my phone, and in theory it seems to be working but it only syncs when a new file is created, and whenever a file is edited none of those changes sync, is there a way to force it to sync and replace edited files or any other solution to my problems?

Just a thought, no idea if it cuts wood. I can imagine that Emulators don’t have full support for Filesystem Watchers, in that case changes don’t get noticed till a full rescan happens. Depending on the size of the synced folders, you can choose to bump down the Full Rescan Interval so that at least the synced folders are being fully scanned regularly (the default is I think 1 hour) and see if that helps.

that could be possible, i’ll probably just have to do manual rescans whenever i want to swap between my phone and computer, it seems to be working right now at least thank you for the response :smiley:

Things that are not “written”, but are memory mapped, which might be likely for emulators, might not update modification timestamps, or change size. I’d make sure that when you expect the file to have changed, the size or modification time has actually changed, as these are the only metrics we have to know that something has changed.

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