Syncing stuck on QNAP NAS and Pixel 4a

Just installed Syncthing v1.20.3, Linux (64-bit Intel/AMD) on a QNAP NAS and Syncthing-Fork v1.20.1.0 on a Pixel 4a w/ Android 12 and Galaxy Tab A8 w/ Android 11. The Tab A8 is working OK, but something on the Pixel is and has been stuck for over a day.

Out of Sync Items on the QNAP shows nothing, and everything looks OK on the Pixel. I suspect the Out of Sync Items are files in a saved Syncthing configuration, but I’ve since deleted and re-created that folder.

Other folders on the Pixel seem to sync OK.

I’ve tried restarting Syncthing on both devices and running syncthing --reset-deltas and syncthing -verbose -reset-database commands on the QNAP as recommended in other threads, but the problem persists.

It’s difficult to say what is wrong exactly, but are the Out of Sync Items limited to a particular folder or are they spread between many different ones? If they are limited to specific folders, can you post screenshots of the folder information from both devices? Please use the Web GUI to do so, which on Android can be accessed using the left slide-out menu.

Edit: Actually, please check the Web GUI on Android regardless of the above, as it may show errors that aren’t displayed in the app’s native GUI.

How can I determine what folders are involved? (The Out of Sync panel on the QNAP is empty.)

The Web GUI on the Pixel shows green checkmarks by all folders and the remote device.

You can try pausing folders one by one and see whether anything changes regarding the Out of Sync Items.

I suspect the problem is related to the Pictures folder. It’s send only from the QNAP, receive only on the Pixel, which is showing 512 items, ~4,14GiB Locally Changed Items – about the same as the Out of Sync Items shown on the QNAP.

There are folders on both devices that should be ignored, so I have an .stignore file on both devices:

(?i)!Art Frame
(?i)!Slideshows/Screen Saver Photos
(?i)!Spherical Panoramas

Might that be the problem? The Pixel shows REVERT LOCAL CHANGES. Will doing that delete only the local changes specified as not-ignored while preserving the ignored files/folders?

It should do just that, but please always have a backup, especially when experimenting :sweat:.

After reverting local changes, overriding changes on the QNAP, and unsharing/resharing the folder, the QNAP again shows Out of Sync Items 520 items, ~4.14 GiB while the Pixel shows everything OK and in sync. In fact, the folders appear to be in sync and changes on the QNAP are reflected on the Pixel.

My guess is that the Out of Sync message is caused by having a .stignore file in the receive-only folder on the Pixel. The same folder is shared to the Galaxy Tab, which shows Up to Date, but the Tab doesn’t have a .stignore file – a bug?

Are all three devices connected with each other? If not, this could be

No, QNAP → Pixel and QNAP → Galaxy Tab.

Yeah, so if that’s the problem you’re experiencing, there’s nothing that can be done. The issue is only cosmetic though, as the synchronisation itself should still work fine. If you want to be 100% sure, you can try to connect the Pixel and the Galaxy Tab, at least temporarily, and then share the folder between the two.

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