Syncing stuck at 100%, all folders "Up to date"

I have the infamous “stuck at 100%” syncing error. I have multiple connected devices, but the issue only shows on two Windows 7 systems. They both show all Folders “Up to date”. Both systems show “Syncing (100%, 2.58 KiB)”. There are no ignore patterns on the Folders shared between those two systems. What is this 2.58 KiB? What can I do to further debug?

It’s most likely that the folder ids are different for some set of folders. Otherwise post screenshots from both sides.

I also have one file that appears not to sync correctly - it’s jumping back to older versions and I get conflicts on the file, even though I’m very sure I’m only editing/opening it on a single device at a time. I didn’t keep documentation on the conflicts I got or the resolves I choose.

It could be that the issue would disappear when I rename/remove this file. I could try but then this issue couldn’t be investigated any further. Would you like to use this case to debug what is happening?

I can post screenshots and config sections tomorrow.

Well there might be errors in the log explaining whats happening too, so check that.

Here’s two screenshots, of my laptop and my desktop (“PC”). I blocked out my real name :).

The laptop and desktop share three folders:

  • XXXX Huis
  • XXXX Telefoon Foto’s
  • XXXX Telefoon SD Kaart

The desktop has more folders but those aren’t shared with my laptop.

Should I enable some more debugging before I post log files? Is there an easy way to filter private info from the log file?

I am pretty sure that folder ids don’t match somewhere. Check folder ids for the 3 common folders on both sides.

Thanks for your quick responses Audrius. I’m sorry I can’t always reply as quickly :slight_smile:

Folder IDs are the same, and as far as I can see, all the settings. I added the configuration files of the two devices below.

I now realize that these folders are also shared with a 3rd device (my server), which has been offline for the past 2 weeks. Could this also introduce this? Should I try to power on my server again and see if the issue disappears, or would you like to see how it occurs in the first place?

config_laptop_stripped.xml (6.0 KB) config_desktop_stripped.xml (6.2 KB)

Do you have ignore files? It could be due to that.

No, there are no .stignore files in those three shared folders.

The log shows

[4WL37] 2017/08/27 13:35:26.341012 events.go:231: DEBUG: log 52 FolderCompletion map[device:IXG5HIP completion:99.99973297329353 needBytes:2644 globalBytes:990163132 folder:XXX Huis]

so I at least know which of the three shares it is.

Could it be that the server node (which is currently offline) said “this folder is 1001 bytes”, and my desktop and laptop node are still at 1000 bytes, and therefore never reaching the 100% completed?

Well it could be that it advertised some new file that is now no longer available, but removing that device should fix it.

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Removing the 3rd device fixed it. It still puzzles me, as the 3rd device (my server) shouldn’t write anything to this folder, so it should never have a file that the other two devices don’t have.

Thanks for helping to fix this. I’m not sure how often such situations happen, but it would be nice if there was more diagnostics in the syncthing UI (“syncing only at 99%: folder XXX is missing YYY bytes in ZZZ files that were advertised on device AAA”).

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