Syncing stuck at 0%

Greetings, Let me just say first off I love this. There is a lot of promise for it and I can not wait to get this deployed in a large environment. I am having a problem with one of my test nodes. All other nodes sync fine but one is stuck at 0% and giving the following error codes. I should also mention all nodes have admin accounts under windows and have no restrictions on them. None of these files are open (Locked) that I can find. Any assistance you can provide would be greatly appreciated.

6:54:48: Restoring folder modtime: %q: %v d:\aerofs\jwsync\VPN IT Menu chtimes d:\aerofs\jwsync\VPN IT Menu: Access is denied. 6:54:48: Restoring folder modtime: %q: %v d:\aerofs\jwsync\logs chtimes d:\aerofs\jwsync\logs: Access is denied. 6:54:48: Restoring folder modtime: %q: %v d:\aerofs\jwsync\rcon chtimes d:\aerofs\jwsync\rcon: Access is denied. 6:54:48: Restoring folder modtime: %q: %v d:\aerofs\jwsync\scripts chtimes d:\aerofs\jwsync\scripts: Access is denied. 6:54:48: Restoring folder modtime: %q: %v d:\aerofs\jwsync\wikibackup chtimes d:\aerofs\jwsync\wikibackup: Access is denied.

Also I should mention I am running v0.8.9 on all nodes

Hm. Is the “jwsync” directory set to read only on the source node?

I have also errors like: Restoring folder modtime … Zugriff verweigert

(Zugriff verweigert == Access is denied)

Think it’s not really a permission error. Because i have the permissions to these folders and syncthing runs as the same user… Maybe the path is wrong or something else?!?

EDIT: Btw, the error message seems to be wrong formarted here:

Because it looks like:

Restoring folder modtime: %q: %v D:\path\to\foo chtimes D:\path\to\foo: Zugriff verweigert

EDIT2: [quote=“calmh, post:3, topic:240”] Is the “jwsync” directory set to read only on the source node? [/quote] In my case: “Master Repository” is not set on any nodes.

I can confirm that there are no master nodes and the files or folders are not marked as read only. They have also synced fine with all other computers except this one

The access denied error is returned by the OS when syncthing attempts to update the timestamp. I can’t say why without seeing the setup, but it’s not a syncthing problem. There’s something about the directory permissions or the filesystem that makes syncthing not able to change the timestamps.

Yep, fixed in 17e3d1.

With Linux, to change timestamp on files or folders you must be the owner (or root).

The simplest way to correct this situation is to chown all your directories or run syncthing as root.

Another good way is to define CAP_FOWNER capabilities on syncthing executable.

sudo aptitude install libcap2 libcap2-bin 

sudo setcap 'cap_fowner=+ep' /path/to/program