Syncing stuck at 0% upload and download rate 0

Hello I have set up a folder to be synced between my Windows 8.1 (x64) computer and my Android phone. The version on both is v0.14.32. However, the synchronisation is always stuck at 0%, I tried restarting it on both devices but it did not help.

Any advice? Thanks in advance

Make sure the folders are actually shared? (Checkboxes in the folder editor)

what do you mean? I set the shared folder from within the Windows machine. I did not set up any shared folder in the Android device. They both say they are connected but the syncing is stuck at 0%

You need to set up the Android side as well.

I dont get it. I did this and now it is stuck at 50%

You probably have two folders set up. Share the other one as well. Or remove it, if it’s irrelevant.

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