Syncing % stuck and not moving for WEEKS

I’m syncing between my PC and NAS (mine). And also syncing between another PC and NAS (server).

The server is up-to-date and has synced a lot, perfectly. Unfortunately, my PC isn’t doing well. One folder has 434GB, around 100K items. I am seeing Syncing (2%, 424GiB) and constantly, 96,017 items out of sync. This has been the same for many weeks.

Debug log says this every minute:

2019-05-29 08:54:21.0705 #9236 [Debug] SyncTrayzor.Syncthing.EventWatcher.SyncthingEventWatcher: Received 0 events

The folder is very likely up to date and requires nothing, and I feel the % and files remaining is wrong. I used to have this syncing a long time ago (a year or so ago) and for some, I forget, removed Syncthing.


Please post screenshots, it’s much easier to see what’s going on then.

That debug log is irrelevant. In general quoting myself:

Hiya, Sure - here you go :slight_smile:


And at NAS side:

Good message (mostly just for myself): The statuses agree on the sync state :slight_smile:

Can you post a screenshoft of the list of the out of sync items (click on the blue numbers). Also on actions->logs, is there anything special in the logs (if in doubt, just post here). And check resource usage on the NAS (disk IO, CPU, memory).

Hiya :slight_smile: Sure!

Here’s on the local PC:

And on NAS:

Resource usage:

NAS usage is at 96% used (243GB free), 9% CPU, 44% RAM.

Log file - should I DM you?

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