Syncing stuck after server turned off for a month

I have a file server running Linux along with two client computers running Windows 10. There is one shared folder that is synced between all 3 computers, and then each client computer is also syncing a few folders personal to that device.

The file server was off for 1-2 months. Prior to being off, everything was working fine with SyncThing. During this time, the clients continued to sync between each other for the single shared folder.

After powering the file server back on yesterday, the computers apparently all synced back up with only minor issues. However, under Remote Devices, on each device the syncing status with the server are stuck at some percentage. Under Folders, no activity is apparent and everything is listed as Up to Date.

With computer #1 it’s stuck at 67% as shown by the server, 83% as shown by the client. With computer #2 it’s stuck at 98% as shown by the server, 75% as shown by the client. No data is apparently flowing between them.

However, new files created are properly synced instantly.

Is this only a visual glitch? I can’t quite tell given the number of files involved. How do I fix it?

potentially same as here Remote devices stuck syncing if the other side says in local state everything is complete and also has < 100% for that server.

I actually saw your post, though I wonder if it’s the same issue. On yours, it was stuck at 100%, on mine each system is stuck at a different number.

Do you think I should try and nuke the delta index like you did? How do you do that?

It is probably worth a try as it does not really hurt, currently the easiest way is to shutdown syncthing, replace the 16 in <configuration version="16"> in config.xml with a 15 and start syncthing again.

Do I need to do anything after that or will it automatically fix this afterwards itself?

Any risks I should be aware of before doing this?

This will just result in nuking delta index, if it will fix your problem, you will see… No risks as nuking delta index is what versions before 14.1 always did on reconnect, this just does it once on start (because there was a bug with ignores it had to be nuked which was indicated by that config version change)

Oddly enough, doing this seemed to fix it on one computer but not the other. The other is still stuck at 67% / 83%.

Any other ideas on how to fix this?

67% could be that you share 3 folders on the one side but only 2 on the other side, same for 83% with 6 folders shared on the one side and only 5 on the other side.

As in I have folders listed as shared that are only listed on either the client or the server?

Just double checked and all 6 folders on the computer that is still stuck do appear on both sides under the Folders list. I further confirmed that the file count and sizes match exactly, and placing a test file in each folder on the client synced over to the corresponding location on the server.

Exactly, 67% was just extremely suspicious for that because it is 2/3 rounded, same for 83% with 5/6 not sure what it could be then…

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