Syncing specific folders local only

For a security and performance reason I would like to sync specific folder without relays, only using local network. Other folder should be synced also remote. Is there such an option? Maybe there are profile that can be assigned to a folder?


This is hacky but one way is to run multiple instances of Syncthing and limit one of those to local network only while allowing the other to use other types of connections. Then, you would share those folders through the local-only Syncthing instance.

Hello, I just found this awesome application yesterday and installed it via docker all over my sbcs… pretty awesome.

Buuuuuut is there a way to share all not only one folder only in over the lan, not over the internet?

By default, Syncthing tries to find the most direct connection possible. So if it can reach other devices within the LAN, it’ll do that.

There have been a lot of earlier forum posts covering the same topic with varying degrees of “local only” (the more isolation desired, the more steps/work required to set it up and maintain it):