Syncing sometimes over LAN, sometimes over WAN

I’m considering to use syncthing to sync the home directories of my computers. These home dirs are of the order of 100 GiB and contain a mixture of different file types.

It seems that syncthing will work well for this while I’m connected to other machines by a fast LAN.

But consider the following situation: I’m traveling with my laptop and only have a slow internet collection. I’ve just added 300 MiB of photos to my collection, and also edited various small text files. Is there a practical way with syncthing to postpone syncing the photo files?

Switch it off.

Or force it to listen on a certain ip address, that you only have in lan.

Switch it off.

Is it possible to switch off individual folders temporarily?

Ideally it would be possible to configure syncthing such that big files (that may be confined to specific folders) are only synced on LAN (or on demand), and all the rest is synced always. Is it possible to achieve that?

I did try to find out the above by reading the documentation, but unfortunately it is IMHO not sufficient. What is lacking is a complete reference documentation that describes exactly how syncthing works. The best I could find beyond the superficial “getting started” is the “configuration” section. Did I miss something?

You can pause folders. Read the protocol documentation to understand how it works.

I have a similar use case for some of my computers. I have two Folders in syncthing (not to be confused with directories in my filesystems). One is for ‘live’ documents (aggregate size < 500MB), the other is for the big, slow changing stuff. The live one is always synced while I stop the big one if needed (e.g. low bandwidth).

@Corrisen, that’s very interesting thanks! So “folders” can be used as “profiles”? That’s great. I didn’t know that syncthing “folders” and FS directories need not be the same. How do you configure syncthing to behave like you want? All I saw so far is .stignore.

Organize your files in two main directories, set up a Synchting Folder for each of them and you are good to go. In this way you will be able to manage them individually as you see fit.

Thanks for the quick reply. So indeed there’s no way to have multiple sync profiles for the same directories? Perhaps switching .stignore on the fly would do the trick?

My home dir holds 20 years of projects and data. I try to organize it according to certain principles that I’ve developed over time, so that it will remain usable for as long as I’m around. It’s problematic if certain software imposes its own scheme.

“Smallest first” in folder properties

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