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I have 4 “devices”. Basically, 4 servers all synchronizing one folder. One server is the Master. I don’t want the other servers modifying the Master. I have set the folder on that server to be the Master.

However, it seems that syncronization between all of them is slow. I used to be a BTSync user and would commonly see 7MB/s throughput from EACH server.

With syncthing, it seems to be hovering around 200KB-1.3MiB. I was wondering if there is something I can do to speed this up. Any advice?

what hardware are you using?

There is lots of information missing like

  • if you are taking about servers that are located on the same local network
  • if they are configured to allow direct connection or do you use relays

The servers are on a WAN network. They are isolated to my own private network.

Hardware varies, most are Mac Mini’s from 2014/2015. One is a Mac Pro.

About the direct connect or relay. I would prefer them to be direct connected but I was reading the information on syncthing and it says that if a direct connection is Established then the relay is not in use.

All of the devies say:

Connection Type = Relay (Server)


thank you. I have enter their tcp://address:22000 for each server.

I added the main server on each device as a listener so the other servers would sync with eachother… will this new address automatically update?

No, why would the address change though?

The addresses of the server are static. The devies have already been added to eachother by setting the Main server as an introducer.

I made this change to the address from dynamic to tcp://addresses:22000

I am wondering if the addresses on the client servers will change to match what the Main server has.

No they won’t.


Ok everyone, the relay was the problem. However, I do not know why a direct connection could not be established. These servers are all on the same WAN with no firewalls in between them.

I set the Address to point directly to the other servers using TCP://

and they are linking up fine. I’m testing the speeds now… and… I’m back to getting the same upload/download speeds as before.

The address has nothing to do with the connection speed. If your servers were able to connect via relay, they already found each other.

Did you check the links @calmh posted? You have to open the firewall of at least on of the devices to establish a “direct” connection. Did you check the servers’ local firewall?

There are 0 firewalls internally on the network. The local OSX firewall is completely disabled.

Since making the change, the speed did increase… unless it’s anecdotal… let me check this again.

I feel like a fool. The reason the sync was so slow as because it was syncronizing an uncompressed .pkg file that had a couple hundred thousand smaller files in it. I would expect this behavior. With a .dmg or .zip file… things are running normally.

sorry to waste your time.

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I will make up for it by donating a bit.

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