Syncing /Signal/Backups

Hey, all.

So, I’m trying to sync /Signal/Backups on my android phone to my desktop.

Obligatory: yes, I know syncthing isn’t designed to be a backup solution. I’m open to alternatives, but I really just want an easy way to get the backup files off my phone and onto my (regularly backed-up) desktop.

Set it up yesterday and everything synced fine.

At midnight last night, Signal created a backup file (which it does every night).

This morning, I found that the new backup was not on my desktop. Checked Syncthing on my phone and saw: “Error (folder marker missing)”

OK. Maybe Signal deleted /.stfolder when it created the new backup. So I Plug in my phone (since I don’t happen to know how to view dot files in android) and go to /Signal/Backups.

Surprise! /.stfolder is still there. But for some reason, I can’t see the backup files themselves. I know they’re there (I can see them with my phone’s file manager). But for some reason my desktop can’t see them.

I realize this is probably a signal problem and not a syncthing problem (I’m doing the same thing with Whatsapp/Backups and it works fine). But I know there are people here who use this with Signal. Any ideas?


Solved. Signal problem.