"syncing: pull: no such file", this time on a Syncthing file

I found a 2019 discussion on that topic, in my case the issue is with a Syncthing file.


  • 6ZDAKC is a Windows 10 with SyncTrazor (1.1.29, Syncthing is 1.20.3)
  • AE2FSX is a docker container with the latest image (1.20.3)
  • U34L32 is a Samsung Galaxy S22 with the latest app installed

This is a rather new installation of Syncthing, I am trying to put together a sensible synchronizing approach. Until an hour ago there were no problems - they appeared when I came back home and opened mty laptop (it has been rebooted, disconnected etc. many times so far).

The log I get on 6ZDAKC is

[6ZDAK] 2022/07/27 18:11:02 INFO: Puller (folder "Passeport et Carte d'Identite" (cjorv-mw3ig), item ".stwritetest"): syncing: pull: no such file
[6ZDAK] 2022/07/27 18:11:02 INFO: "Passeport et Carte d'Identite" (cjorv-mw3ig): Failed to sync 1 items
[6ZDAK] 2022/07/27 18:11:02 INFO: Folder "Passeport et Carte d'Identite" (cjorv-mw3ig) isn't making sync progress - retrying in 8m0s.

When looking at the directory, I see that there is a file

Mode                 LastWriteTime         Length Name
----                 -------------         ------ ----
-a---          2022-07-27    18:11              1 ~syncthing~.stwritetest.tmp

When removing the file, it is recreated during sync.

Neither on AE2FSX nor U34L32 there is anything that looks like *.stwritetest*.

All the other files in the directory are synchronized correctly.

Is there something I can check to solve this issue?

A workaround is available at “syncing: pull: no such file” on a Syncthing file · Issue #8465 · syncthing/syncthing · GitHub, thanks to @AudriusButkevicius

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