Syncing pictures between my smartphone and my notebook

I have a notebook and and a “normal” pc where iam runing synthing. Everthing works fine. I also try to install synthing on my Andoird smartphone (Samsung with android version 8.1.0) and sync my pictures (DCIM/Camera) with my notebook. It works too but when i want to delete some picture on my notebook a message in the syncthing app pops up (in a red box): “Override Changes”. When i press on this message the pictures is restored on my notebook. I guess iam doing something wrong or misunderstood something. Can i change that behavior? I just want to delete some pictures on my notebook which are not import anymore for me and then Syncthing should delete the picture also on the smartphone.

The default folder type on the phone is send only, so it does not accept any changes from others.

You can remove the folder and add a folder of a different type, which will then accept the deletions.

Really, really thanks for the answer. I did not saw it. Shame on me

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