Syncing percentage out of scale

Hi, as you can see in the attachment I’ve a problem with the syncing percentage (the transfering works fine). I use syncthing to move files through several queues, with “queue” I mean a folder “out_1” from the main server that is replicated to the “server_1”, folder “out_2” replicated to the “server_2” and so on (“one server” to “many servers”). After the files reach the destination servers they are consumed and deleted (and syncthinc moves them to the .stversion of the main server). Sometimes the percentage goes over 100% and the remaining bytes are negative, do you have any idea? Thank you very much for the support. Anto

This is essentially files becoming deleted while they are being downloaded.

I just fixed the issue Audrius mentioned. It’s not guaranteed that it is the actual cause, but I think it’s pretty likely. See

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Hi All, sorry for the late and thank you for the answers.

@AudriusButkevicius: do you mean it happens if files are deleted before the end of their synchronization?

@imsodin: ok, I let you know!

Thank you Anto


Hi @AudriusButkevicius, I’m sure that I don’t delete files before the end of the synchronization because the “consumer” (the only process that deletes files) is on the destination server so it waits for the file completion. Anyway, let’s see if Simon’s fix works also for my case. Thank you again

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