Syncing over the internet

I use obsidian to write stories. I wonder if there’s a way for me to sync my vault to my mobile device, beyond the confines of my local network?

Syncthing will sync over the Internet with all settings kept at their defaults. Unless you took special measures to suppress it, your use-case should already work fine.

Long as you have a connection to the internet - doesn’t matter where you are, your mobile device will sync with your home-based one.

I’ve synced my home server with my mobile while on the go. I have port forwarding and dynamic DNS configured on my router. I then have a hard ip address that my mobile syncthing can use to easily locate my home server without involving global discovery or relay servers.

This might help you out.

I know that my home server is always visible via a permanent ip address and port number.

I tried Obsidian for a short while but also ran into sync issues.

I ended up switching from Obsidian to Joplin.

Joplin is also an open source note-taking app and it includes applications for all operating systems including mobile and by default it likes to use Microsoft OneDrive for synchronization or you can also use the Joplin synchronization service for small fee.

I sync via my OneDrive account and it works beautifully for all kinds of writing.

The great thing is both applications support the markdown format. If you’ve been using markdown formatting codes in obsidian you can import those into Joplin and they will be recognized automatically.

You might, well almost certainly can import your Obsidian data.

Give it a looksy and see if it might be a better solution in the long run.

This screenshot shows the different sync options.

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