Syncing openmediavault and Umbrel

Hello. Si, I installed sT on both servers, which are in my local network. Setup both, they both show each other name in the right panel, but disconnected. And in the right panel, the folders one, they both show in sync, green. No idea what´s going one, any tips? Another symptom is that when I restart the OMV syncthing, it does…the Umbrel one get stuck… Tanks!

Screenshots of the Web GUI from both sides usually help finding the issue.

@acolomb , can you spot anything useful here?

You seem to be having problems with the network setup. OMV has only 2/3 listeners (Escutadores) active, click on that count to see the failure reason. Same with the discovery servers (Descoberta), some mechanisms could not be activated for some reason. It also gives more details when clicking the count 2/5.

If these really are on the same LAN or WLAN, I suspect there might be a firewall involved on one or both devices, that blocks necessary traffic for the two to find each other. Also maybe some addressing issues, such as IPv6 not being configured.

See Firewall Setup — Syncthing documentation for some guidance what should be opened to the local network on each device.