«syncing: opening temp file: open [...].tmp: operation not permitted»

I’m syncing a music folder from my desktop computer running Arch Linux, to my phone running Android 11. It syncs to like 91%, and then it just pauses. At least that’s what it looks like on the web gui on my desktop. When i go to the app, i get a little “Out of sync” error in red, next to the folder.

So then i go to the web gui on the app, and it says that 145 items have failed. I click on that, and each of them has the error “operation not permitted”?? Why not? It had no trouble writing all the other files. And it’s not a storage space problem, cause my device has another 28 GB of storage available.

It should probably be noted that i’m currently using Syncthing-Fork, but i had the very same issue on the first-party app, and i’ve switched back and forth a few times cause maybe i’d get lucky and this issue wouldn’t happen.

And it was the same files that were having the issue.

When i first started using Syncthing i didn’t have this error for months. Maybe it can’t handle *gasp* FIVE GIGABYTES! I am 100% blaming Android for this crap

P.S.: First time ST forum user, i really like the “create a new topic” interface :slightly_smiling_face:

Can you post screenshots with errors in them, or alternatively copy and paste the full message, including an example of the problematic file in it?

Now that i think about it, maybe it’s the question marks? But some of these files don’t have question marks or anything else i think FAT32 doesn’t like.

Yeah, Android uses FAT for the user partition (/sdcard), so you’re limited in which characters can be used in filenames.

Can you give some examples of the other files? In addition to the disallowed characters, the filesystem is also case insensitive, so you can’t have two files that differ only in case (e.g. note.txt and NOTE.txt).

Here’s one:

  • Gorillaz/(2017.04.28) Humanz/09. Interlude: Elevator Going Up.ogg
  • and other tracks from the same album that are interludes and have a colon in the title.

So maybe it catches that too? Lemme try renaming something.

…Yup. i should’ve been more attentive. Maybe i would’ve caught this error and not have to make a forum post and all that and waste someone’s time. Oh well, maybe someone will find it next when they google the error message, right?

(edit: now i’m gonna have to go fix 144 filenames. ohhhh boy.)

Yep, one problem is that while the error message isn’t great, it comes from Android, not Syncthing, so it’s not really possible to do anything about it here :confused:.

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Yeah, as i said i blame android. Why does a Linux-kernel OS need to use FAT32 anyway? That’s dumb. gimme ext4

It’s because the partition was originally stored on a literal SD card, which you could take out and plug into a different OS (= Windows). Even later, once that wasn’t the case anymore, Android still allowed to mount the partition like that when connecting the device through USB. Nowadays it uses MTP instead, so the filesystem theoretically shouldn’t matter, but the partition is still formatted to the old FAT probably due to backwards compatibility and the historical reasons.

I’ve seen ways to format the partition to ext4 or F2FS with some custom ROMs, but the stock Android and manufacturer-provided ROMs seem to still only allow FAT on it.

Eventually i’m gonna have to get a Linux phone and then i won’t have to worry about that :slight_smile:

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