syncing only selected subdirectories under a directory


I have using syncthing more than a year, possibly for two years, it is just amazing piece of software. Thank you to all who is behind this software.

I have a small problem. I use some open source software and they keep their configuration ~/.config and data in ~/.local/share. I would like sync some selected a couple of directories under ~/.local/share amogst several machines, and ignore the rest. I do not want to make a mistake, since there are quite few directories that I do not want to sync.

I know that I can add multiple sync folders each directory, I just want to know if there is more elegant way to do it?

How can I do that?

Any directions is much appreciated.

Thank you again.

What @AudriusButkevicius wrote.

Plus: Don’t count on getting it right the first time, so I recommend you first experiment with a small temporary folder.

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