Syncing not complete?

I have 3 devices connecting to 1 central syncthing server (VPS). 2 devices work flawlessly. But one device, that I don’t power up nearly as often as the other 2, has some issues.

Though I do have the feeling everything is syncing properly on that device, it reports that it is ‘syncing 70%’ with the server, 103MB left. The local (default) folder reports as ‘Up to date’ with the local and global state showing the same numbers. All devices are running the latest stable version.

How do I find out what the differences are between the device and the server are? And if there are none, how do I let Synching show the server as ‘Synchronised’ again?

Thanks in advance!

Which version do you use and do you use ignore patterns (that differ between devices)?
Also see the last paragraph of this post: 100% sync. Paired comp stuck at 100% 2.62MB to go.

0.14.41 on all devices.

Only 1 of the Linux clients has an ignore pattern, to not upload .lock files to the VPS (.lock files are temporary Libreoffice files to indicate another file is being edited). But this issue occurs between the VPS and the Windows client which both don’t have any ignore patterns.

As you are on 0.14.41 this is not because of ignored files (at least it shouldn’t be). Another reason can be a weird state with a third device, but that’s guesswork. I can’t think of an easy way to debug this and as long as folders are up to date, there is no actual problem with syncing. And in 0.14.43 there will be an easy way to debug this, as there will be a list of files which cause the syncing state. So I’d say lets wait and drink tea.

Great, to be continued then.

The 0.14.43 release candidate is out with the device out of sync list.

Great, that way I discovered that on 1 machine some files were not deleted properly. Once I removed them manually, everything was in sync again.

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