Syncing music to android sdcard folder in the android/data folder?

Hi friends. New to syncthing and I thought I finally found my sync solution to my phone from my unraid docker container. I understand that I can not do 2 way syncing from a folder called music on the sdcard due to write issues. I did however create a folder on the sdcard in the android/data folder called music. It syncs both ways and in file explorer on the phone I can see the MP3 files. My problem is that so far my music apps show no files in that folder. Looking for any advise…my end game is wanting to be able to drop MP3 files on my unraid server folder and have them sent over to the phone. I do not have much space left on the internal memory and can not format my SDCARD as internal because the phone does not support it.

Put that folder into Android/media - that’s where apps/frameworks look for music (well media) by default :wink:

I tried that and it only syncs one way (rom the phone to the unraid share). If I drop a file in the folder on the unraid share side I get a warning on the phone ‘out of sync - override changes’ When I create a folder sync in sdcard/storage/android/media it only allows for send only folder type - your android version only grants syncthing readonly…

I can however create a folder in sdcard/android/data/com.nutomic.syncthingandroid/files and it sync both ways fine but the music apps do not see the MP3’s in that folder.

Update…I deleted the .nomedia file in the /sdcard/android/data folder and can ow sync both ways and the music apps can see the MP3 files.

All is good now I think. :slight_smile:

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If you use android/media, the same restrictions as android/data apply. You created sdcard/android/data/com.nutomic.syncthingandroid/files but not sdcard/android/media/com.nutomic.syncthingandroid/files, why?

I see what you are saying. I created the folder in sdcard/media and it worked like you said. Thanks for the help!

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