Syncing many machines

I have several machines using syncthing (phone, tablet, laptop, server). The server syncs with all of them but they don’t sync among themselves, i.e., my syncing uses a star topology. Is it resasonable/useful or not to allow the different devices to sync directly among themselves? I understand with torrents, more is better, but I’m not sure if it would be problematic/confusing in syncthing. It might be useful, for example, when I travel and have no access to my server, and I want to keep phone and laptop in sync.

Syncthing will definitely not be confused when pulling from multiple peers. In fact we encourage you to sync between many devices, as Syncthing is Peer-To-Peer by nature. Also, the faster your devices are in sync, the fewer conflicts you will have (because all of them will have the latest data).