syncing local folders -- is it possible?

Hi, at the moment I’d like to set up a local backup to a mounted usb drive on my computer. I can’t seem to find if it’s possible using Syncthing. If there is a manual somewhere I’d really appreciate any help.

I have it installed and working as a service on my linux box. Thanks

Its not a feature that syncthing has.

Run two syncthing instances on different ports and connect them locally (localdevis1, localdevis2)

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much easier to use rsync, robocopy, etc. for these tasks

umm! seems like not possible dont know exactly but you sould google it ones.

No it’s not. And robocopy is for windows. syncthing is 99% does what I need it to do + retaining multiple previous versions.

I’ll try running it on different ports as @Catfriend1 suggested.


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Awesome, thanks @Catfriend1.

Just finished configuring, “very cool”.

And a little off-topic question, if I set the sync to 60s, and I will have, say 1kk files, do I need to to increase the number or 60 seconds would still be good?


Actually, nvmd, I’m stupid, just read that that’s a full scan. I’ll let system do it’s job. Thanks for all your help. feel free to close it

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