Syncing latency is very large and sometimes even does not sync

Hi thanks for the tool! However, it seems that syncing latency is very large and sometimes even does not sync. For example, suppose I changed a line of a small local file. Then it takes ~10s for it to be updated in the remote side. Once in a while, syncthing even does not sync it, no matter how I do some extra manually clicks on the buttons on the web ui.

The local and remote computer are both in a local network, and normal ssh to remote computer is super fast, so it does not look like a network issue.

The delay can be configured. Please see

As for why sometimes changes aren’t detected, that would require proper debugging with logs, etc. Forcing a rescan through the Web GUI should still always detect all such changes though.

@tomasz86 Thank you! I will configure it, and look at logs when the problem happens.

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