Syncing large files over internet


I use syncthing (among other things) to backup a remote machine over the internet that is switched on only intermittently and every time only for a few couple of hours. This basically works fine, however I have one large file of around 7GB on this box. I suppose it’s so large that it never gets fully synced on my syncthing machine before the remote machine gets powered down. Questions:

  • Is it correct that files get only synced if they can be transmitted completely during one transmission squence?
  • This means that if a file is so large that it cannot be transmitted during a single “power on” period it will never make it to the other system?
  • It is currently not possible to sync a file chunk wise over a period of several separate connection sessions, not even if an affected file hasn’t change inbetween?
  • Would it be possible to imagine such a feature or would you say “no way”?

So, what I’m asking for is a kind of resume functionality for an interrupted sync process for a large file. For my scenario this would be rather helpful (if not to say required to be able to do a full sync).



I won’t answer your individual questions, as I believe they are all answered by the following explanation, otherwise ask again:
Files get synced as far as possible to a temporary file, which then stays around ( By default such temporary files get removed after 24h or by whatever you set the keepTemporariesH option element to ( So your use case should be possible by setting that config option to a longer duration than the time the remote devices shuts down for.

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