Syncing Issue on Windows


I’m unable to get any folders/files to sync. I opened port 22000 (TCP) and 21027 (UDP) for incoming an outgoing traffic.

I noticed that it’s still using the relay for the connection and not a direct connection, but the ports are open as I checked them.

Download Rate 0 B/s (247 B) Upload Rate 0 B/s (221 B) Address Connection Type Relay (Client) Version v0.14.5 Folders kye2g-n7umq

Download Rate 1 B/s (229 B) Upload Rate 1 B/s (255 B) Address Connection Type Relay (Server) Connections via relays might be rate limited by the relay Version v0.14.5 Folders sjgah-4e7fk

Please advise.

A little more information would be helpful.

Are the devices on the same LAN?

How many devices are you trying to sync?

Do they appear in the GUI as connected?

Yes, the devices are on the same LAN.

I’m only trying to sync 2 devices.

Yes, they are connected by via the relay connection.

If you want to sync a folder between 2 devices they have to have the same folder id for it.

Ah dang that is the issue? Let me check that right now.

Unfortunately you can’t change the key in the GUI once the folder is created. You should receive messages on one side that the other has a folder to share is you have selected it in the share with section.

That fixed the issue. Thanks so much!

It’s still showing as relay connection between the 2 servers.

I have to run but have you read the getting started guide?

Is local discovery enabled?
Are both devices windows machines?

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