Syncing incredibly slow through a USB tether from Android

I’ve got a pretty odd way of internet access for my computer, which I prefer to use due to my Wi-Fi adapter’s slow speeds. It works out pretty well in the end. Curiously, however, Syncthing is the only program that seems to have gotten slower from the USB tether. Now, the tether is not a reliable way to have a connection, of course, but I think having 15 KB/s download speeds is a bit ludicrous. This happened both times I attempted to use it via the tether. I know my upload speed isn’t messing up here as well, said my other computer is uploading at 20mbp/s, so it’s not an issue there.

My phone’s OS is LineageOS, I’m using the native tether feature for a little more info. Both computers are running the CLI Syncthing on Windows x64, 0.14.52, same network, just one is running via a tether on the same Wi-Fi.

Any ideas?

Honestly, I didn’t do any tests with USB tethering in place, so can’t help here. Could you temporarily get another WiFi USB adapter?!

Not at the moment. I can say I have used the Wi-Fi adapter I said was slower than the tether’s speed in the past with Syncthing and it downloaded just fine. I can test tomorrow if it’s vital.

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Huh, since I upgraded my Android syncthing to 14.52 it’s very slow over WiFi. Didn’t change anything in the infra structure. Before 14.51: max. 15 MB/s , now: max. 2 MB/s

I’m not using the Android syncthing. I’m using the tether from my Android for one of my computers.

Could it be the TLS stuff that was done between 14.51 and 14.52 had an impact on performance?

I doubt it. I also don’t see any real difference between 51 and 52 in benchmarks on my computer. That doesn’t mean there isn’t a regression, but it would be good with an actual reproducible test for it.

Ok thanks for the information, I’ll watch out and if I find something that proofs it I’ll post that.

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