syncing gnome calendar beteen linux laptops

I have two linux laptops and want to sync the gnome calendar between them, so changes made on either show up on the other.

The calendar.ics file in on a similar path on each.

Each laptop sees the other; but folders are NOT shared.

What am I missing?

TIA, John

Please check if you haven’t already. You need to share and sync the folder where the file in question is located.

I make the folder ids the same on both laptops, but can NOT edit the folder path on laptop 2 to be the same as on laptop2.

The path doesn’t need to be the same, but if you want to change the existing folder path, you should just remove the folder from Syncthing, then re-add it under a different one. If you pause and unpause the remote device after removing the folder (forcing a disconnect and reconnect), Syncthing should display a prompt to add the folder again.

Tomasz86, thanks for your help. BUT, my two devices (laptops) see each other, but don’t share the default .stfolder, even though both have the same id ‘default’.

Another question: since the gnome calendar program expects calendar.ics to be in a directory that is not ~Sync, how will it find synced versions? Does putting a file in Sync mean its absolute path is there too? John88

Oh, you can remove the Default Folder if you don’t need it. Just add a new folder pointing at the path that you need (with the .ics file) sharing it with the other device. Then, on the second device add the folder under the same path.

Can you share screenshots of the full Syncthing GUI from both sides?

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