Syncing folder in four Hosts - Star vs Line

Hi! Configuring Syncthing for the first time, I think I’m missing some concepts to understand. I have done the following:

  1. Installed Synching (with different clients in different OSS).
  2. Created a folder in Host1. Share that folder.
  3. In Host2, connect to Host1. Host1 shares the folder, for what I need to create a local folder in Host2

Till there, everything understood. Both local folders are shared between Host1 and Host2, synced.

Now, if I want to add Host3 and Host4 to share JUST that folder, do I need to connect every host with every host making a “star” architecture and ensure that even if one host is down, the rest are synced?

I assume that if I just connect them in a “line”:


If Host2 is offline and there is a modification in the folder in Host4, Host1 won’t be notified. Is that correct?

If connecting all the hosts to all the other ones is mandatory to ensure that every host in synced: Is there a “bulk” way to do it? Now I just have 4 hosts but if I have let’s say 20, it can take a lot of time to connect every one with the other.

Thanks a lot and excuse me for the long explanation!

Please check

Thank you! Exactly what I needed.

Edit: one last question. The introducer is marked in a host to a remote device. How can I know if my host is the introducer for another one?

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