Syncing files between servers in a load balanced environment

Hi there,

I have already found Is anyone using this for high-availability web hosting? with a similar question but it is closed and cannot ask for more information anymore.

Say we had like 10 linux servers in a load balanced environment and we had one folder that we would want to sync via syncthing (small images and few config files). Would that be something we could do with syncthing? Sync would be basicaly multi-directional and also include deletes of files (deletes would only occur on one server though).

The amount of time it takes to propagate wouldn’t be big issue for us as changes wouldn’t happen too often (like 200 times a day maybe) and it is fine if the changes need like 15 seconds or something to be mirrored to another server.

Has anyone experience with a similar setup?

This sounds pretty much like the prototypical Syncthing setup. It should work fine.

Thanks Jakob, do you maybe know how “quick” small files (like 50KB) get synchronized when they are in the same fast network? Just wondering why in the other issue the time to propagate was mentioned as a problem.

There’s a few seconds of batching and so on both sides after a change has been detected, as we’d rather handled ten files in one go if ten files were changed then rush to handle one and then discover the other, etc. You should use syncthing-inotify (external for now) to pick up changes faster than the scan interval.

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