Syncing entire windows volume gives (walk.go:111: DEBUG: rel error)

In short, I have a Windows client with a data only volume (meaning no OS on it) mounted as S: that I am trying to sync in its entirety to a Linux based NAS. During set up on the windows client I can add the S: drive as a folder to sync and through the use of STTRACE=scanner I can see that the drive is appropriately walked (ignoring files I listed in the ignore list). Once the initial indexing is complete however I begin to see a large volume of debug output such as:

[LCV2K] 2015/01/16 21:05:06.105101 walk.go:111: DEBUG: rel error: S:<directory><rest of file name> Rel: can’t make <directory><rest of file name> relative to

In fact I see a message like that for every item in the file tree (including the files that were properly ignored on initial indexing) one every few minutes. These messages do not seem to impede the transfer of data between the Windows client and the Linux client but I do wonder if changes will actually go through once the initial index worth of data is transferred.

My question is, is this a normal behavior? Is this related to the fact that I am trying to sync an entire drive (S: in this case)? I don’t believe I saw this when trying to sync only sub-directories within that volume.

Thanks for the help

It doesn’t seem to be hashing any files. Can you provide the whole error message as there doesn’t seem be any path next to it, I want to see if it manages to join it or not.

I think the problem could be the fact that you don’t have \ at the end of your folder path. It usually doesn’t matter, but I guess it matters when you want to sync a whole drive. You can modify the folder path by editing config.xml.

Edit: Nvm, I seem to have the same problem too, hence looking into it.

Yeah, the issue goes away if you append \ to your folder path.

Perfect. I adjusted my config file and those messages, as you mentioned, have gone away. Whats more is that the scanner actually picked up some changes I made to the ignore file since the initial index so everything looks good. One thing that I did want to mention is that when I added the folder (S:) through the web GUI I actually did specifically add the \ after the path a couple of times and notices that the GUI truncated it after I saved the folder and came back in to modify the ignore file. Not sure if this constitutes a bug or not.

Thanks again for the help! Even for being a young program Syncthing is fantastic and you guys are doing great work. I couldn’t get btsync to add or ignore anything in a whole drive like this so Syncthing: 2 Bysync: 0