Syncing disabled for web gui open to all

Is it correct that syncing disabled when web gui is open to all? That is, when in stead of Whenever the web gui is enabled without any user authentication, there is a warning in the web gui. This warning is in both cases correct.

It took me some time to figure out why syncing was disabled and I deducted that is was due to IP in stead of Is that correct?

If so, should the warning in the web gui also state this to save oeple time trying to figure out why syncing is not happening?

Syncthing keeps running normally, if you set the GUI listen address to The warning is just to make sure that you know about the security risks.

Yeah, changing the GUI address will not change how Syncthing syncs with other devices.

It was running on a PINE64, all worked such as adding devices, but not he actual syncing. Today, the executable also did an update of itself and now it does work. So then probably whatever was the problem was not the web gui config but something in a previous version. Well, happy it sync now. Thanks for your replies.

Jep. Version 0.14.19 had a problem on ARM64 devices.

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