Syncing conflits on one-way sync.

I’m ocassionally experiencing sync conflicts even though the files are changing only on one mashine.

I have this setup:

Ubuntu desktop <---> Linux server <---> Windows desktop

There is git repository which changes only on Ubuntu. But sometimes, the .sync-conflict files appear. How is that possible? It occured several times, each time with (at the time) newest stable Syncthing version.

Ubuntu and Windows machines are never running at same time. Also I think that the conflicts appear only after I do update on the git repository. The notable thing is that there are many other files and folders synchronized both ways. But afaik there was no sync conflict in them.

Every time you run any git command, such as git log etc, git can kick off maintenance work, which discards old orphaned commits etc etc. You think your modifications come from one direction, but in reality they can come from both directions.

Syncing git repos in general is terrible idea, as git repo is not just a file, it’s a collection of files, and I suspect you can easily corrupt it by syncing two repos on two different branches etc.

Well, I believe that should not be the case. As I said, there is running only one desktop at a time. So there should not be any simultaneous changes. Also I have similar case in my Dropbox (syncing git repository) and there was never any problem.

You should verify the content of the conflicting files, whether the content is the same.

There is no general problem with syncing Git repositories if only one desktop is running at a time. I do it all the time (same setup) and it is actually quite convenient. I’m even pushing changes from multiple desktops and sometimes even from the server. You just have to carefully rescan and sync when switching devices.

I have never had such experience with “read-only” commands such at git log or git show.

So I’m not sure what causes the issues in your case. The only difference between your and my setup is that I only use Linux.

That could break things, indeed. This worst case actually never happend in my case (only some minor conflicts). But I don’t consider it a huge problem because when pushing changes frequently to a remote everything can be restored easily in that case.

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