Syncing conflicts between android and mac

Hi, I have an obsidian vault being synced between my macbook and android. My android is set to receive only and my macbook is set to send only as well as ignore permissions (from what i’ve learned online, this is the best practice for android syncing). However, everytime I change something on my macbook obsidian vault, I get a sync conflict on android.

How can I prevent these sync conflicts completely, because I am not changing the files on android. I have heard of changing the config of the syncthing folder and setting the max conflicts variable to 0, however I don’t think this is possible on android? Thank you.

You can access all the same settings on Android through the Web GUI, but first, which version of Syncthing have you got installed on each side?

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On Android, I have v1.22.2 and on Mac I have v1.22.1 which I’ve updated to 1.22.1 just now.

There should be v1.22.2 available for Mac too. Can you try updating to that and then see whether the conflicts are still created?

okay so it seems to be okay now. conflicts are only created when i change something on android. but that’s to be expected. if the issue comes back i’ll report back. thank you for your help!

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