Syncing bookmarks/favourites on lin/win/mac

A suggestion: It is possible to use this little applet, called jboom ( ), which is a java program - cross platform - to sync your favourites. It works well on windows 7, ubuntu and mac OSX (all tested). I just didn’t find out how to edit its database on android, thus I’m using the exported html file to access my favourites on my phone. The database of jboom is a xml file, so it’d be fairly easy to develop a android app to edit it (I suppose, since I’m not a programmer). I hope the suggestion is of use. If someone has a suggestion on an android app such as above mentioned it’d be appreciated! Good day!

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Hi For Internet bookmarks, did you heard about Firefox Sync ?

Yes. I did. But as far as I know, you depend on a third party server… It means your favorites are traveling on unknown oceans…

You’re right. But although one can operate our own private Sync server and Firefox Account server, the Mozilla ones seemed trust worthy enough to me [w|t]hen I decided to use them. The single unpleasant change was when they changed the protocol for one with a true mail address needed for initial validation and further management. You’ll gain also history and passwords etc… sync with this… but only related to Firefox.

ST can extend the scope to the OS file browser… I beleive

Thanks @cosas! I didn’t know about Sync server. Someday I’ll give it a try. But then it would have nothing to do with syncthing, right? I’ve read about syncing (with syncthing) Mozillas’s sqlite, but that would cause corruption of the file: How to sync firefox bookmarks

Nothing to do with ST, yes.

And double sync (FFSync + ST) would make me afraid.

Although, I don’t know if your link talks about double sync, but I have in mind one day to ST sync the address-books of Thunderbird (*.mab files), so I’ll reread and at least make a backup before I run in same issue :wink:

Thanks for pointing this

[EDIT]: about your worry of unknown oceans, I think ST and FF-Sync are both travelling the same one, called www. And both are safe boats.