Syncing between two identical folders on two devices...

Hi, I love syncthing but am a newbe. I searched but haven’t found an answer to this topic…

I have a music folder on my Android phone with about 30GB of files. I transferred a backup copy of it to my Mac by USB, so now I have an identical folder on two devices.

Is it possible to Syncthing these two folders so that changes are always kept in sync?

Or would it bebetter to just delete the Android folder, then sync the Mac folder to a new empty folder on the Android?


Is your situation similar to In general, before the first sync, I’d set the folder to Send Only on the Mac, and to Receive Only on Android, then wait for everything to sync. If after doing so everything is marked “Up to Date”, then you can just switch both of them to “Send & Receive” and continue to use them that way.

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Thanks for your quick reply and link that was very helpful!

After syncing the identical Mac and Android folders would it be possible to backup the Mac folder to a cloud service - would this conflict with it syncing to Android?

I could keep the Mac folder on the cloud and make it available offline on the Android, but I’d prefer to use Syncthing between the Mac and Android and consider the cloud folder just as a backup.


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