syncing between steam deck and android

basicslly i am trying to get the emulator ppsspp to sync roms, saves and save states between deck and android.

followed tutorials, and set 3 folders to sync,…/PSP/GAME, …/PSP/SAVEDATA and …/PSP/SAVESTATE

grabbed remote id, and put it in, deck sees android, and vice versa

set android to sync first, deck sees request for GAME and syncs it happily

pulls across 9gb of roms, perfect

set android to sync savedata folder, exactly like roms, seems to work

open ppsspp on deck, all games aee listed, load a game, works perfect!

but saves didn’t come across

syncthing, from deck shows android uploaded them…

if i stick a test.txt in deck folder, its not syncd back to android. if i put file.txt in android folder, it does notnsync to deck

from the log on deck, i can see android added/upload the file.txt

but its not being replicated.

what stupid simple setting am i missing?

Screenshots of the Syncthing Web GUI with the folder fully visible on both sides would be helpful. On Android, you can access the Web GUI from the left slide-out menu in the app.

Ok, so it looks like it’s the steam deck that’s not playing nice

If I move the sync from the /home/deck/.var/… folder, it syncs just fine

except of course, that the folder I care about seemingly has to live there

trying making a symbolic link from dummy folder, to the SAVEDATA folder, but that still doesn’t work

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