Syncing between phone and PC slow

Hey, i have syncthing-forked on my phone and SyncTrazor on my computer. on my computer, i port forwarded 22000 on UDP and TDP , and then restarted syncthing on both . but its still slow, i think it might be using a relay but im not sure. I want it to use a normal direct connection instead of a relay so its not slow. i know my internet can handle it, i got 200Mbps download and 8Mbps upload, and the phone should be similar since its usually not far from the wifi router itself.

Here is the log files if it helps:

syncthing.log (20.6 KB)

Can you post a screenshot of the GUI from the PC side? You can verify the connection type as follows:

yes, heres what i have:

The connection is local but it doesn’t seem that you’ve actually added the folder on the Android side. Please check what’s going on there. You can access the Web GUI on Android through the left slide-out menu.

that was the problem, thanks. wish it was more obvious, but its fixed now.

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