Syncing additional folders.

After a week of much reading and hairpulling (and with the very generous support of a couple of folk on my routers user forum), I now have Syncthing running between my Batocera pc/router/2 x Android devices. At the moment, it is just set up with the Batocera machine as introducer and sharing the “saves” folder across the other devices. I noticed, when looking through the options available in the Syncthing gui, that I can swap and change which device is the “introducer” and which devices automatically add folders from the introducer. And it got me thinking (and I hope I can explain my question adequately). Now I have my devices talking to each other, if I wanted to automatically sync specific folders from my phone to my tablet, could I do this by temporarily designating my phone as “introducer” and add the folders, then ONLY accept the introduction on the tablet? Would this then set up a sync between just those two devices that would run alongside the original 4 devices network, or would it completely screw things up? Or is there a ‘correct’ way to do this? Thank you.

I’m not sure I follow your question but why not set the sharing folder up on both devices and just leave it set up?

At the moment, the four devices I have networked share just the Batocera game saves folder between them, so I can use any device to play a retrogame from the same save point. What I would like to do is set up so that just my phone (camera folder) can backup to just my tablet when I get home and they are all connected to the same WiFi, without it affecting the current 4-way set-up I have already.

You can just add a folder to the existing syncthing instance and connect your Android device to it.

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