Syncing a folder on Unraid to my Windows folder?

I’m running Syncthing docker on my Unraid. I have one shared folder on Unraid that I want to backup (one-way sync) its data to my Windows desktop which is also running Syncthing. How could I set it up?

How I have done it: Added the unraid root “/” as “/unraid_root” in the container:

Then I on unraid set up the share I want to backup like: /unraid_root/mnt/user/<share name> Then sync that to My workstation B:\syncthing\UNRAID\<share name>.

Thanks. As I already defined one data path on unraid for syncing with other devices, can I add another path, as shown in your example, that will be regularly backed up to my Windows folder?

yes, as many as you want

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Thanks a lot. I’ll try it.

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