syncing a directory on two different paths.

I’m running Syncthing for the first time, and I would like to sync two locations. On computer A, I’d like to sync /a/b/c/d to /e/f/g/d (i.e. I’d like to sync directory d). So, on the web interface I’ve put /a/b/c on computer A’s folders, and /e/f/g on computer B’s folders. However, Syncthing is telling me that 235 GiB need to be synched, which is too much, since directory d should be nearly the same on both computers. So, have I set things up improperly?

If you want to sync path d, then point it to d on both sides. Sounds like you entered one level higher as the path, thus it syncs everything under c with everything under g.

Thanks, I’ll add the directory and run things.