Syncing (100%) never goes away

Hello Everyone,

I have about 50 devices and some show “Up To Date”, other’s show “Syncing (100%)”.

Is there a bug in the client queries?

Thanks, Andy

See docs for ignored files and effects on sync status. There are a few cases were it happens but we’re not sure why too, so :confused:

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Typically it’s an ignored file or something like that. That is, you have a desktop.ini or .DS_Store file that has changed, and the other side are ignoring those files. Everything is idle and as in sync as it’ll ever get, but the other side only has 99.9954% of what we expect it to, etc.

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Thanks, yes, this is exactly the case.

With Windows conflicts are created pretty frequently with desktop.ini and the files are not necessary. The problem with this is if you have one system that is NOT ignoring and another that is ignoring the desktop.ini. The local and global states will not match and the percentage output will be less than 100% (as you pointed out).

Problem is, if you have 50 folder and they all have a desktop.ini a good portion of your “local files” would be desktop.ini but never make it to the other device that is ingoring. Pretty simple stuff, the only good solution is to ignore these files on ALL devices so the global and local match up.


Or you ignore them only at the source (windows for desktop.ini) so they never get to the local or global index.

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That’s technically not possible. IF there are three devices and all devices have the ability to “write” to a folder they will all need the ignore attribute.

If all your devices are Windows, yes. But if only one is Windows, you will only get desktop.ini from it.

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