Syncing 100% - Killing Battery

Hey there,

Android 7.1.1 with 0.9.8 version of Syncthing.

I had a ticket over on github about the Android version not loading (see here - but for everyone else it seems fixed. For me it still occurs, but my main issue is something else now.

I added a new folder for sync and on my Android phone its stuck saying “syncing 100%” and is killing my battery like crazy. The folder is 100% synced as I checked the folders but its just stuck like that (rebooted, restarted syncthing on desktop and android).

I was told to come here for some reason.

I am getting error codes like this. Yet the folders have the same permissions as any of my other ones.

[7TYN3] 17:28:12 INFO: Puller (folder "lbvzz-dh77t", dir "AntergosCinnamon/installation/personal/Arc Colora/Arc-Red/unity/unmaximize_unfocused_prelight.svg"): symlink window-buttons/maximize_prelight.svg /storage/emulated/0/DATA/AntergosCinnamon/installation/personal/Arc Colora/Arc-Red/unity/unmaximize_unfocused_prelight.svg: permission denied

So I tested this, the folder with all these files mentioned above once removed, the issue goes away.

I checked every file and the permissions are 100% correct and have no issues.

What are the permissions for the directory where the symlink is, the symlink itself and the symlink target?

If it’s not permissions, it could be that the filesystem itself does not support symlinks.

So I think that is the issue. I don’t exactly understand what a symlink is.

This folder was originally downloaded from a github. The folder that I have that I am trying to sync has read and write access for files and create and delete files for all folders. (new to this, so not sure how to check the actually abbreviations, rwx or whatnot).

The folder was added to my Antergos linux install and I’m trying to sync with Android as shown above. This is the folder details. If you know how to find what you are asking please let me know.

The permissions on the other side (receiving side) are probably wrong or the filesystem does not support symlinks, I suggest you just add that file to ignores ignores (filename should be in the logs).

There are 100s if not thousands of these. So besides not knowing how to ignore them, I assume it would be an issue doing all that.

The android side appears to state the same permissions. Is a symlink a connection with a different file, maybe one from the original source on github and that is the issue. I am only seeing one folder with files in side of it. What are they linked with?

Will look into that further. Thanks

You can look up what a symbolic link is on wikipedia.

As I said, permissions matter on multiple places, not just the root folder.

Documentation explains how to set up ignores.

Unfortunately, when syncthing generates alot of errors or encounters errors, it keeps trying harder and harder at the cost of cpu and battery on Android.

Android/arm binaries behave ok as long as there are no file permissions, conflicts etc which is super hard to avoid.

I wish that ST is little nicer when it comes to handling errors meaning that it has some kind of control to retry the errored files. Sometimes trying harder or retrying over and over does not solve the problem anyways.

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