Syncing (100%) issue


Another guy here with a Syncing (100%) issue.

I have no .stignore files on any of the three machines I’m syncing. I did have it on the machine I’m having an issue with, but have since gotten rid of it.

[7U7OO] 14:45:50 VERBOSE: Summary for folder "writing" is map[globalFiles:536 inSyncBytes:778139734 localFiles:536 localDirectories:61 state:idle sequence:70308 globalSymlinks:0
[7U7OO] 14:45:50 VERBOSE: Completion for folder "writing" on device URQAQWR-I6ZC3FM-SSDPZQW-PCYG5K4-7NSR6W6-ANWXTHK-J74TOXQ-G2E4AA6 is 99.9999791811171%

Without an .stignore file, I’m not sure where to start looking.


Hang tight for the next release. This might not be fixed, but at least one case around .stignores is fixed, and I intend to add something to easily see which files are supposedly out of sync. If nothing else this should make it much easier to figure out what’s going on.

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Will do, thanks. Do I need nightly builds turned on for that?


I also just found the reset-deltas command line option, and that solved my issue.

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