Synchronizing three systems - recommendations please

I want to synchronize a directory on three systems, a desktop (which is always on), a ‘remote’ web site (on a virtual server), and a laptop. They all run [x]ubuntu Linux.

No one site is the master, changes can happen on any of them and need to be propagated to the others. The desktop and remote server are on all the time. The laptop is (as one would expect) not on all the time and is sometimes on the local LAN with the desktop machine and other times will be out on the internet somewhere.

How should I set up syncthing between these three, presumably they shouldn’t all talk to each other, or is this OK?

They certainly should all talk to each other, that way whenever one makes a change it can be posed on to the other devices (of they are online).

OK, but aren’t there any issues when a device gets the same update from two others?

E.g. I make a change on the desktop machine at some time when the laptop is also on my home LAN. So syncthing sends the change to the laptop (very quick) and to the remote system. The laptop also sends it to the remote system. Isn’t there a possibility of a conflict arising?

There shouldn’t be, no. As far as the out of sync device is concerned both devices are providing it with the same change.

Now, if two devices both make different changes at (roughly) the same time there may well be a conflict, but that will be the same for any synchronisation tool.

Even git can’t handle some merge conflicts nicely.

OK, thanks. Since it’s only me making the changes there won’t be simultaneous (or nearly so) changes happening on more than one system at the same time.

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