synchronize high availability active-standby Server to Client PC

I have syncthing installed as a service on two servers. These servers are running as high availability active-standby. I want to synchronize files and folders on the servers in real-time from client PCs, do I need to register both servers with Syncthing’s Remote Devices?

Welcome here @WG-Song1 ! No, you don’t have to. But you might want to do that because of … (tada!) High availability. :slight_smile:

A customer request requires folder synchronization between two servers and a separate client PC.

Well, there is always the Introducer feature, where you can select one of the “Servers” as a so called Introducer - it will then tell other “Client” machines about known machines sharing the same folder. (if you run in a multi-customer-client scenario, there may be privacy concerns though, as everybody can see when a machine is online)

I think this gets a bit messy when you have more than one Introducer in your cluster, so you will have to mark one of the “Servers” as Introducer.

Once the Introducer has propagated its known machines, they will handled equally, other than the fact, that if you remove the introduced device from the Introducer, they should disappear from introduced devices eventually.

Does the Introducer feature need to be manually OK’d by the client PC to communicate?

For now, I’m going to test it with the following setup.

  1. register both servers with the same IP on the client PC
  2. server A is changed from Active → Standby and server B is changed from Standby → Active
  3. automatically disconnect communication with A server and connect communication with B server in Syncthing on Client PC

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